Monday, May 9, 2016

#NEWS: Louis II Shirts – Cape Town Club

Louis II Shirts, a new brand in South Africa, recently launched their capsule collection of men’s shirts at the dapper Cape Town Club. Pioneered by two gentlemen friends who happen to have an outstanding history together, the brand introduces shirts for men that are superbly tailored, incorporate double the cotton thread count and add an extra length to all shirts so you never find yourself sticking out of your shirt at those crucial moments when chatting to the CEO. The shirts, due to the doubled length of the fabric used to make them, have an incredibly silky finish to them, elevating their style and quality to new heights.

The collection of shirts comes with either a double-cuff for convenient use of cufflinks or a single cuff with buttons. The collars are slightly wider and extra strengthened to ensure your tie is always in place. All in all the collection is sturdy and is great for everyday office attire and that odd dinner event you find yourself invited to.

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