Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#REVIEW: Playboy Signature Fragrances

We recently received a delivery of the latest fragrances from South Africa's coolest male deodorant brand* Playboy. It was a set of four impressive fragrances from their Signature range, namely: Bold, Ambition, Legend and Presence.

"Every man possesses a signature - a pen, watch, dance, handshake, style - a fragrance - it sets him apart from the rest," cites Playboy Deodorant Brand Manager Geoffrey Holtes. "If you want to make your presence felt, this is the deodorant you're looking for."

Our Editor-at-Large, Monde Mtsi has been testing the fragrances; putting them through their paces and seeing if they truly do leave an impression or not.

"There's an element of surprise with Playboy's Signature range. It goes on quite strong and the scent lingers on as the day goes by," muses Monde Mtsi, Editor-at-Large of Renaissance Men. "So far, Presence and Ambition have set a strong tone, proving to be formidable scents, lasting through the day without irritating the senses."

Playboy's Signature range comes at a time when their consumer is maturing, reaching new levels in his life and establishing a new status for himself. The Signature range offers sophistication with a touch of play, exclusivity and uniqueness with a measure of masculinity.

The Playboy Signature range offers guys a relevant and attractive alternative; an alternative that offers twice the fragrance experience, making it a high quality Eau de Deodorant – a hybrid between a deodorant and an EDT, giving it a 2-in-1 benefit, deodorant protection, with a fragrance similar to an EDT.

Make the switch and step into an exclusively premium world where you get to experience all day freshness and presence with Playboy and their Signature range of fragrances.

*Playboy Deodorant was voted "Coolest Male Deodorant" in its category at the 2015 Generation Next Awards.

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