Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#ADVERTORIAL: VRVO Adornments Paired with Honor VS Cognac

Style is not only about how you live your life to its fullest and the ensembles you are able to piece together – style also includes man’s ability to accessorise his life to further extend his position, expression and boost his lifestyle. Two ways in which you can do that is with what you drink, and the other, your accessories that complement your style.

Honor VS Cognac is the newest premium spirit addition in South Africa. Recently awarded a double gold medal at the 16th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016, Honor VS can be effortlessly seen as the ideally tasteful and stylish cognac accessory to the guy with a great wardrobe. Honor Very Special Cognac from the House of D’Orsay is a new brand produced by Birkendal Hartmann est 1887; for over a century Birkendal Hartmann have created award winning Cognacs and their Cognacs have been supplied to Europe’s Royal Houses. Honor VS is a true Luxury Cognac produced by a premium boutique Cognac House, it is not mass produced like all the large volume cognacs and is available in limited quantities.

Honor VS seamlessly blends fruity notes of apricot and ginger with subtle floral aromas of acacia and jasmine, thus creating a rich and bold flavour. The blend is rounded off, almost grounded by oak notes balanced off with a touch of pine honey and hints of orange blossom.

Much like Honor VS’s heritage, history and blend – which under the right light gives off a luxurious glow dappling between a dusty sunset and trinkets of gold – VRVO Adornments by designer and manufacturer, York Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn produces a variety of edgy jewellery accessories for the everyday man who enjoys turning a few heads with his sense of self. Being a Renaissance Man, VRVO Adornments produces neckpieces, bracelets and rings from a variety of materials. A lot of the collection is designed with precious and non precious metals and occasionally incorporates materials such as leather, wood and ethically sourced horn and bone.

The jewellery tells a story, shares personal insights of the designer and expresses an African experience. VRVO Adornments takes the wearer on an emotional and instinctual journey. Paired with the right denims or select one statement piece to wear with your tuxedo to the gala awards dinner and you have a sure winning combination on your hands.

Honor VS Cognac can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It is recommended a taste of the spirit in a heated cognac glass will assist with the disbursement of the fruity notes and aroma present in the blend. For more information, visit You can find VRVO Adornment on their online home – here.  

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