Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#Fast_Forward: Next Generation Designers – Graduate Showcase 2015/2016

Every year in fashion presents itself with a new brigade of young talent ready to get their hands dirty and fingers pricked with needles. As young as some may be, their talent is great; and as BIG as some dreams may be, there might just be a shortage of what it takes to make it. We take a look at 8 young designers (who made their collections/menswear pieces available to us) who could possibly be the next big thing in SA fashion.

Photography - Larry English
Styling - Monde Mtsi
Assistant - Dominique Le Roux
MUA - Kebone Bolofo
Models - Ghandi (Wicked Talent) & Godfrey (3D Model Agency)

For contact with these graduates, contact DAF on +27214489379 or FEDISA on +27214240975.

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