Monday, November 14, 2016

#EYEWEAR: Luxottica Drops The Latest Range of Sunnies for Every Man

At the end of winter and the beginning of spring, Luxottica drops the bomb of sunnies with a range of fun, edgy, stylish, on-trend and dapper sunglasses for every guy. From Burberry to Prada, the collections boast elements that cross-pollinate from previous seasons in a heighten treatment for the new season, adding doses of forecasted trend aspects, including gold-plating, interchangeable metal inserts, reflective lenses and even classic micro round frames.

The collection stretched across the traditional and also introduced some new shapes and elements. Our favourites include the more on-trend thick black frames with a geometric arm. More about fashion, these are a statement piece, creating conversation wherever you go. There is no denying, in any season, the standard tortoise-shell frame, this time, a little bolder with a thicker frame, they are much more about fashion with a lightly tinted lens for a bit of allure. Classic black frames are always a staple for every accessories collection. Burberry does two styles we like; 1) a solid, thick and square frame with a light tint, and 2) a pair of rounded-off frames with fold-over arms and a much more darker, chrome lens. Ultimately, the Burberry eyewear collection is more traditionalist with a tinge of trend and fashion to inspire cool style moments.

The Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) collection revisits a timeless favourite of Editor, Monde Mtsi: The Westerns. In this instance, D&G take an opportunity to add Sicilian heart and flair to the collection. With two major style/material options: either metal or acetate. The acetate frames boast three uber cool options that we love; yellow, black and tortoise shell. The metal frames don a mirrored lens in matching temples to the acetate frames. The shades interpret charm and character, making them really suitable for dapper gentlemen.

For the new Emporio Armani eyewear collection, the materials, the advanced manufacturing techniques, the sophisticated design and meticulous details reflect the inspiration of the brands opulent slogan: The Luxury of Simplicity. In its Frames Of Life range, the iconic design of these sunglasses perfectly reflects the brand’s heritage. The round design is accentuated by a double bridge and by a top bar bordered by an acetate casing. The model is charismatic and modern, making it a stylish and timeless frame for the everyday man whose bold personality reflects that of the brand. Editor, Monde Mtsi, is a huge fan of the rose quartz tinted version of the frames. They are ‘an elegant example of a timeless accessory’ as he says.

Prada is known for its style, sophistication and trend setting aesthetic. With its innovative spirit, Prada uses its curiosity and strong artisan traditions to create tangible brand values. Prada’s latest offering for men includes an inspired blend of classic shapes and contemporary details. Rounded frames are set alongside a newer shape, almost as round with a slightly pinched chin and finished with metal edge and hinge details. This combination creates a modern-day frame with timeless elegance. The collection is young, trendy with a great deal of sophistication for a continental man.

Ray-Ban continues to push its own boundaries, take bold innovative steps and leaps into the future with personality, courage and style. Its latest range of eyewear comprises of styles featuring trademarks of the brand’s unmistakable DNA. Think full colour vision through high contrast pigments and superior anti-reflective, polar treatments. The collection also includes full metal frames, revamped classics and even double-bridge frames for a full scope of style for contemporary trailblazers. Our favourites include the old-favourite double-bridge frames in treated acetate. With a lightly tinted lens, these classics will add a dose of James Dean to your accessories. The newest addition to the metal frame profiles include the gorgeous rose quartz octagonal with gold metal frames. Think summer afternoon cruises on a yacht, sundowners at your favourite or even perhaps that weekend brunch with the gents.

Whichever pair of shades you find yourself gravitating towards, be sure to splurge on at least two pairs of greatness. The collections boast a variety of timeless pieces that suit any season and any style available in your current wardrobe. For more information, contact Luxottica on 021 486 6100.

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