Friday, November 4, 2016

#GROOMING: Grizzly Bear Beard Products

We know we don’t cover a lot of content for guy’s with beards... It’s technically not our fault. In a bid to ensure we cater to your needs too, we went searching for a few beard products that we think could change your beard game.

One of those brands ,we stubbled across, was Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear is a range of beard and facial hair products, 100% natural, made locally and boasting three scents: Bay Rum, Sandalwood and Orange Burst.

The beard oil comes in a 30ml and 60ml sizes ( ideal for travel size). You just need to apply a couple of drops from the pipette into your palm, rub between you hands and the apply through your beard. It can also be used on stubble as a pre shave oil, as a first step to soften the hair and prep the skin before the application of shaving cream. The balm is designed for longer beards and acts like a leave-in conditioner. It also comes in a travel friendly 60ml tin. Simply scrape a thumbnail size amount from the tub and rub between your palms. Then apply liberally through your beard. Not only do they leave your beard feeling great but they also smell fantastic (Bay Rum is a real favourite with clients).

The prices for each product are: 30ml Oil at R200, 60ml Oil at R340 and 2Oz Balm at R220. Products are available at salons, including SCAR, Johnny Scissors and Furr Hair in Cape Town.

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