Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#GROOMING: Shield Advance with MotionSense Launches Germ Defence

In today’s active life, one needs to always ensure they have their health and grooming in check. Gone are the days of being defeated by bad body odours during a busy work day. Earlier this year, Shield launched MotionSense; a range of anti-perspirant roll-ons and aerosols. The idea essentially, providing consumers with two solid options donning some impressive technology; microcapsules that are activated by movement, delivering bursts of freshness the more you move.

Different elements cause sweat: walking, eating, stress – all factors that induce higher body temperatures. To reduce this, or at least keep it under some form of control there are a few ideas one can pursue: Shaving your underarm hair is a good place to start. Less hair means easier access to your skin and sweat glands for your anti-perspirant. Make your grooming schedule more efficient – try applying your anti-perspirant on before going to bed, damp skin doesn’t absorb as much as dry skin, so it’s best to make sure you dry yourself properly after a bath or shower. Also be careful about what you eat – alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine and nicotine are elements that can make you sweat more.

Shield MotionSense now drops germ defense, the latest in their anti-perspirant range containing microcapsules that protect for longer due to the bursts of freshness avtivated by movement.

“Most people don’t know that underarm germs are the main cause of bad body odour as a result of bacteria living on the surface of your skin. Sweat itself has no smell, however once bacteria comes into contact with your sweat, it breaks it down into fatty acids that cause the less-than-fresh smell on your body,” says Jennifer Cromie, R&D Director of Personal Care at Unilever.

Most deodorants work more or less the same way with freshness fading as the day goes on. Whether you’re a parent doing school runs, an entrepreneur going from meeting to meeting, a wanderlust traveller, a fitness fanatic or work a full-time job chasing deadlines, there’s no doubt about it – you move, and you need protection against bad body odours and sweating.

“Body odour is not only embarrassing, it also leads to a decline in confidence and self-esteem. Shield Germ Defence is a formulated solution that provides superior lasting protection against germs, ensuring bad body odour doesn’t limit the way you move each day,” says Cromie.

Shield Germ Defence antiperspirant fights bad odour causing germs and moves with you throughout the day, keeping you protected against germs and bad body odour without having to constantly reapply. The patented MotionSense Technology ensures that the more you move the more it works throughout the day.

Shield MotionSense is available for men in anti-perspirant roll-on and aerosol, retailing at R28.99 nationwide.

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