Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#FRAGRANCE: Set Sail on the Streets with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ultra Male

“A rogue sailor with powerful ‘male’ charm.”

From the fashion designer known to push boundaries, challenge perceptions of masculinity and create opulent worlds for the man of the times, Jean Paul Gaultier, comes a fragrance oozing of his signature sensuality – Ultra Male. The senses succumb to this demonstration of multifaceted olfactory power, leading to an unexplored “Male” universe that aches with pleasure – causing temperatures to sky rocket.

Its top notes: pear and lemon. Heart notes: dark lavender. Base notes: vanilla, cedar woods and amber. Ultra Male is a dance of citrus flirtation with masculine seduction.

Make sure to get your dose of nautical street edge with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ultra Male at your nearest Red Square or online here.

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