Friday, May 5, 2017

#GROOMING: #StartStrong With Small Grooming Concepts That Lead to Big Ideas

Essential daily care for your skin is imperative. It’s the first point-of-call the world has with you, besides your attire. #StartStrong by taking care of the small things, in order to manage the big ones. Vaseline Men has been, for the past 140 years, doing its utmost best to ensure men do just that: to #StartStrong with healthy and moisturized skin, in order to be the pioneer in your career. Amongst the many ways one can take care of their skin, including drinking plenty od water, exercising and getting enough rest; one of the essential aspects is to use effective skincare products that cleanse, moisturize, protect and heal. And Vaseline Men has just that for you.

For me personally, skincare is the only thing top of mind. What I can let slide sometimes, is dressing down instead of up for an event but leaving my house with dry, ashy skin that reflects neglect is an absolute no! No! The notion of knowing that you’re protected and moisturised allows you to take on the day and the world with complete faith in yourself. Here are some reasons why certain ares of your skin help you do more and be more:

Your face is your billboard. The one element that the world sees, sometimes judges, and bases further engagement with you on. It needs to be fresh – at all times. Washing your face twice a day ensures your skin’s properly cleansed. It assists with hydration and balancing the pH levels. Using the correct wash, toner and moisturiser means you allow your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, replenish with new ones, and protect them for longer. Vaseline Men does just that, while continuing to heal your skin so it can rebuild as and when it needs to.

Why go through all this effect? It’s simple. A healthy, protected face means when you have to smile at the interview, you don’t fear your skin cracking under pressure. What this means for you, is that you get to #StartStrong in your career path. You set the standards from the get go and ensure a steady pace dedicated to you is created.

Hands and wrists are probably two of the most active body parts we use on a daily basis. In fact, they also happen to be the parts that a lot of people get to engage with on a daily basis. From handshakes to hugs, High fives to property exchanges. They interact with not just your own other body parts, but other people’s too. So imagine when you meet a friend who introduces you to a new acquaintance; you stretch out your hand for a handshake and you realise your wrists are dry and chapped – what do you do?

What you do is get yourself some Vaseline Men Body Cream and deal with it. I personally would not want to be sitting in a meeting, typing up minutes and having everyone notice my dry wrists, it’s just not commanding of my stature. The idea is to #StartStrong with a confident handshake, accompanied by a healthy, nourished wrist.

Today’s men’s fashion has introduced a rather of men’s trousers which have a hem capped just above the ankles. It’s fresh, youthful and rather preppy; especially when the look is put together properly. There are other styles men follow that have them revealing their ankles to the world. In other words, your ankles need to be on point, just like your outfit.

I’ve had my share of ashy ankles, and I can attest – it’s not cool. You’re constantly looking at your feet wondering who else is looking. It is not a good confident booster. #StartStrong by moisturising your ankles, every day. This will ensure every step you take is bold, confident and accounted for. As you move forward in your profession, you grow stronger and wiser.  As for me, I keep mine constantly hydrated and protected while wearing my favourite pair of sneakers – cause my life is always on the streets.

Remember, protect your skin at all times. It’s the largest living organ on your body and the more you do for it, the more it does for you. Start every day strong, stay strong and strengthen all those you meet along your journey. Remember to keep your skincare routine simple yet effective. Make the small things that make you great a habit.

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