Monday, October 9, 2017

#GROOMING: Kahve Scrubs Handed – Think Local Luxe

In the brink of summer comes a local brand providing your skin with luxurious rejuvenation. Kahve, a Proudly South Africa skincare scrub, is giving your spring plans something opulent to do. Treat your body to what could be its best grooming experience. Created by two Cape Town guys, Kahve is a product designed to exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and protect.

Kahve Scrubs currently exist in two forms: Coconut Matcha and Coffee Cinnamon. Cocunut Matcha, also aptly known as Revive is a powerful combination of Japanese Matcha; a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, and virgin coconut oil: creating a formula designed to nourish dehydrated skin and encourage the skin’s natural glow. Make sure to Coconut Matcha for rejuvenated dry and tired skin.

Kahve Coconut Matcha

Kahve Coffee Cinnamon

The Kahve Coffee Cinnamon blend, considered Enliven; contains high quantities of caffeine to stimulate drainage, refine contours and tighten the skin. This is combined with the nourishing properties of avocado oil and Borage oils which restore your skin to its most vibrant self – perfect for any morning scrub to energize and invigorate.

Both blends currently retail for the recommended retail price of R280 for 225g. You can buy yours online, right now, via their official website:

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