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#EDITORIAL: RENASCENCE Magazine - Issue No.06 - The Fashion & Music Issue - Autumn

Issue No.06.1
Cover image shot by Paolo Roversi for I-D Magazine.

Editor’s Letter/Note
Stumbling into 2018 has been a rather turbulent experience. Between finding my feet (again!) and deciding to switch things up with the blog and magazine, it has been educational in more ways than one. With the first quarter of the year behind us, it was a tough decision to change the format of the production of RENASCENCE Magazine; what still remains, though, is the passion that goes into producing it.

With that side, for the interim, RENASCENCE will be produced as a long-read post on the blog, Renaissance Men. This helps us keep you informed, makes the read a bit more byte size and allows us to track your favourite sections better. During this time, we are working on rehashing things to provide you with a much more fulfilling digital experience of one of your favourite men’s content portals.

Image by Neo Baepi.

In issue number six we focus on the illustrious relationship between fashion and music. To keep it clean and easy to digest, we’ve dissected the issue into three parts; each offering content to give you different perspectives on these multi-billion, if not, multi-trillion dollar industries.

Part One looks at fashion collaborations with musicians, whether through highly acclaimed endorsements, campaign appearances, product placements or even Creative Director responsibilities. I also look into the ever popular trend ‘Athleisure’ and how it has infiltrated the music scene in music videos. To close it all off, I give you a feature on Rihanna and the role she has played within fashion.

So get your coffee fix, sit back and indulge in some original local content. Don’t forget to share, comment and like when you’re done. Feel free to read it all over again, as well, if it’s too damn good to let go of.

Lots of African luxury love,
Monde Mtsi


You dig? Perhaps not. Regardless, I went prowling the digi-streets in search of the hottest, trendiest and luxurious must-have items for the moment. Whether you’re a fashion-tech kind of guy, all about the bling or just down right fascinated with statement style pieces – I think this selection has beauts you definitely want to buy.

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Fragrance: Dior Sauvage – 200ml – via Carethy

Apparel: Limited Edition Cherry Red Beret – via The Real Crystal Birch


Engage the world with these three grooming products to make a long face, short and sweet. Active your skin with a charcoal infused wash and mask, moisturize with an energizer and replenish with one of skin-science’s best serums for men currently on the market.

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Partnerships or collaborations are a booming business insight where two or more people or brands come together to work hand-in-hand in delivering something fresh to consumers. It might be an experience, a service or a product, but the concept is to fuse individual selling aspects into one new item for a whole number of segments in a demographic to consume simultaneously.

The challenge is combining high-velocity, powerful and distinct personalities or characteristics into one. For this to work and to be successful, the brands colliding need to not only be certain of their own existence in the market arena, they have to be complementary to the other party involved, otherwise, what should have been an organic experience for all could bubble over into something else.

One of this generation’s most successful, popular and globally acclaimed collaborations has got to be the adidas® Originals X Kanye West collaboration. Working together and giving West not only Creative Director but Fashion Designer powers, adidas® Originals worked with the multi-award winning creative to create a solid diffusion line called Yeezy, first launched with a pair of Yeezy Boost sneakers and then followed by three incredibly successful fashion collections consisting of high-end fashion sports luxury wear.

Key things to note about the success of this partnership: (1) adidas® Originals and Kanye West are both globally phenomenal brands, independent of each other – so regardless, there was and still is a market for them. (2) West at this point had already established his reputation as a highly fashion-forward artist whose fashion intuition translates into his music and (3) adidas® Originals is one of the world’s leading sports brands that produce fashionable sports luxe collections.

Not all engagements will succeed or harbour the same level of respect and popularity, however, it’s not to say it’s not possible. Brands need to honestly evaluate the value being added to the collaboration, discover if there’s a real desire for such a partnership and its fruit and take it from there. In years to come I hope we see more of these industry disruptive partnerships in order to keep things fresh.


We thought athleisure and sports luxe were dying down for a bit – little did we know. Music and fashion has had other plans for the world all along; even more so with the introductions of sporty leisure underwear – the act of buying more fashion-focused under garments and wearing them publicly visible as part of your everyday look.

What we are enjoying about the current string of athleisure to be featured in currently trending music videos is the level of high-fashion we are seeing. Plenty of musicians locally and abroad are taking the trend to a more fashion destined interpretation, as opposed to a more traditional ‘Sporty Spice’ dimension.

Case in point: Migos with the track ‘Motorsport’ featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Throughout the offering, the stars are seen sporting exceptionally fashion-forward garments stemming from the sport of motor racing. From the padded pants to the thick and protective jackets, the wardrobe and styling oozes plenty of sexy athleisure with loaded doses of high-end fashion designing and adaptation.

How To Wear It: With confidence and attitude. The look is ultimately very fashion and very street while incorporating themes and nuances running through active-wear and sports uniforms. The idea is to be prepared to be the talk of the moment. We do recommend fitting on pieces before buying – you still have to be comfortable in what you wear.


We can’t even remember how it all happened but it did. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, popularly called ‘Rihanna’ and affectionately known as ‘Riri’ by the Rihanna Navy took the world by storm and we’re all still gasping for air. From number one hits and albums to pulling off fashion collaborations the style fraternity was not ready for; born in Barbados, discovered and signed by Jay-Z and then one day garnering the coveted Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Met Gala fashion award for Fashion Icon 2014 – Rihanna has worked her way to the deserving title of Fashion Icon.

At the height of her ‘ANTI’ album’s success Rihanna starting making highly credible waves within fashion. It’s not to say she was never on the style radar, however, these drops in the pond were much more formidable and consistent than most creatives within her music entertainment guild. Let’s start with her signing the deal with PUMA to launch the PUMAxFENTY Collections by Rihanna. We were all skeptical, citing that her role as Creative Director would not give her enough influence and that the collections would not be true reflections of the internationally loved bad girl. Months pass by and we’re all eating our words: Riri dropped a sexy collection of sports luxe merchandise with key Rihanna elements of sensual cheekiness combined with high-performance sexual sophistication. The world went wild.

Some time passed and we bit our nails trying to conjure up concepts of what she could possibly do next. Then the fashion bomb dropped: Rihanna is confirmed by the French Couture House, Christian Dior, as their seasonal campaign face. A thread of campaign elements follows, including a campaign ad-turned-into-campaign-fashion-film video teaser drops and there she is in all her glory owning fashion through music in a new-found high-end high-fashion execution. The campaign ad images drop and all preconceived notions of Dior being unattainable and not mainstream miss the stitch. Rihanna has brought Dior to the people and Dior has introduced Riri to cult fashion caretakers.

This young lady didn’t seem to yield in momentum. Somewhere in-between all the hype, social media activity and fans trying to keep up, Rihanna bumped creative heads with major luxury shoe brand, Manolo Blahnik, to launch a saucy range of limited edition heels inspired by denim and diamonds. Like everything else happening around was not enough. Meanwhile, a new PUMAxFENTY Collection has been showcased at New York Fashion Week and a new range of funky FENTY flatforms and furry sliders have made their way into PUMA stores globally. At this point, magazines are lining up to get the scoop and the world is asking for more because it officially can’t get enough.

Undoubtedly, Rihanna’s successful transition between fashion and music has got to be the rawness and honesty of her personality. What we have seen on screen is what the media documents and reports back to us of her off-screen persona. Her innate sense for fashion and bold style is reflected unashamedly in all aspects of her life, including her now eagerly anticipated appearances at the annual Barbados Carnival. Her aptitude for understanding herself and what she wants has been a pivotal compass in ensuring she works within accordance to her desires.

All of this culminated and certified her position in the world as an icon to be taken seriously when she was awarded the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America award for Fashion Icon at the annual The Met Gala charity event in New York City, back in 2014 already. In 2016 she then went on to cover the VOGUE US Met Gala issue as the ‘Best Dressed’ at The Met and a handful of months later was invited by VOGUE Paris to be a Guest Editor and grace the covers, three times, of the magazine. If by now you’re still doubting, don’t, you’re only making a fool of yourself. Rihanna is a fashion icon and she’s here to stay.


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