Monday, June 11, 2018

#GROOMING: Vichy Laboratories Introduces Daily UV and Pollution Protection

There is a lot that happens with our skin with each passing day. Some aspects we’re aware of; others, not so much. Our general understanding is that skin should be protected from UV rays in summer, in particular, when spending the day at the beach. Have you considered the UV beams pouring down into your skin during winter, through the overcast clouds? What about the high level of city pollution we endure every day?

Vichy has put all of that under consideration and now provides us with daily treatment solutions to protect against UV damage and pollution. The UV Protect range includes an anti-shine cream and invisible mist – both with an SPF50 factor. What’s special about this range is its design to protect against photopollution – the aggravated effects of pollution, especially around highly urban areas. With these products, you can guard against these aging elements without losing the lustre and elasticity in your skin.

The Anti-Shine Day Cream
The anti-shine day cream is a product designed to hydrate, correct and protect. The formula is light, it mattifies and moisturises the skin without a greasy finish. Based on a rigorous ingredient selection, the formula is great on sensitive skin and evens out your skin tone over a 4 week period.

The Invisible Fresh Face Mist
The invisible mist is designed predominantly the same as the anti-shine cream; its major difference is the application process. It contains ingredients such as Baicalin and Vitamin E which work together to correct dark spots and even out your complexion. The mist is so light, you can apply it whenever you need to without it leaving a greasy residue behind. Also, if you’re in a rush, or looking for a product to use in-between gym and the office, the mist is a great alternative, especially due to its application technique.

Remember to constantly check your skin’s reaction to the products you use and to always test products on a small area of skin, either on your hand or arm. These Vichy daily protection products are a great addition for men who are active and health-conscious living in urban environments.

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