Wednesday, December 19, 2018

#STYLE: Eye Spy with my Tom Fords

Eyewear as accessories has evolved from its humble beginnings. Modernity has seen basic frame shapes in limited colour wheels mature into a sometimes-overwhelming array of options. From a spectrum of different shapes and sizes to surprising wide ranges of colours. What’s been a welcomed step forward is the take on men’s sunglasses. They have seen themselves step to the front with confidence and provide gents with a great selection of on-trend shades, as well as classic transitional styles.


Colour has been a rather important factor with men’s eyewear, especially considering the materials used for specific sunglasses. The most popular creations have been all-black or black rims with a dark brown tint. More recently, bold colours have come to the fore, including white, which can be considered more of a statement colour, with a variety of lens tints to match, including polarized yellow. It’s great buying statement frames, however, unless you’re always looking for attention, selecting transitional colours such as black and tortoiseshell will set you far by budget and then up your game each season with one pair of wild frames.


The shape of your face influences the best shape of frames that will work with your face. Round faces would require more square-ish or rectangular frames; square faces should consider aviators or perhaps something round. Oval shaped faces are the winners as generally, any shape frame will work with their face. When pairing your face to your sunnies, also consider softening the effects by maybe selecting a clear frame and lens or slightly tinted lens or perhaps if you have an oval face, harden the look with a thicker and darker rim and tinted lenses. Of course, buy what you feel most comfortable with, however, do consult sales assistants at sunglass counters as they do get training on how to identify the right frames for the right shape of your face.


The devil in is the details. Be on the look-out for shades with interesting detail features. These could anything from multiple folding slots making the shades a quarter of their size when packed up to additional side panels for blocking out access light. Try and source sunglasses that have details that add to the frames, their practicality and your personal style. If a detail feels forced to you, it probably is and you’re more likely not to care much for them to wear them often enough – so don’t buy them. Also look into fashion details versus pragmatic details. It is sometimes better to but that which will work long-term for you than what temporarily plays out as a “cool element”.

Have fun with your shades. They are an extension of both your face and style. They should complement your personality and add to the dynamic of your fashion language. Sunglasses are also to be treated as an investment. Buy them with longevity in mind. Classic styles and colours will not depreciate with time. You’ll find that the value of your eyewear increases as time passes by.

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