Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Affair: David West Summer Collection 2011/12 Launch - Part II

So on Friday I started at work, as per usual, and did what I needed to. All the while in the back of my mind I could only think of arriving at the DW launch to see what fabulosity awaited me and the rest of Cape Town for Summer. I've been a really closeted fan of David West's. Purely because it just seemed like no one I know would have the same crush I have on his clothes, and that it would create that, "I didn't know you were that type" kind of vibe with people.

Alas, I'm now coming out of that closet and graciously admitting to loving the designer's work from the off-set. I was introduced to DW via SA Fashion week, years ago. He had a killer collection, was the hottest property, most exclusive news and definitely a conversion ticket. We all wanted to drop a, "oh I own a David West", into conversion. And we still do.

News that followed incorporated him leaving for Japan for some exploratory time and then he was back, not necessarily so involved in fashion, but making posters and t-shirts. We were all just sponging the information and not exclusively concerned as to why we didn't know enough or any sooner.

On my way to DW, I made a pit stop, which resulted in me being unfashionably late, for a fashionable event. Luckily for me, I live in Cape Town, and the citizens ensured my short comings were rather favourable compared to their clock-watching skills.

The scene was set at the petite boutique on Long Street, with three welcoming mannequins dressed to the nines in the latest gear being showcased. There was a potently healthy and delicious welcome drink served by a man I can only characteristically describe as colourful and the wallpaper did nothing short of take its place in the show.

The crowds gathered in droves and the mood was set. The launch was turning into a success, as can be imagined, with some of the models featured in the officially branding material published, at the launch in some of the new DW gear. There was a buzz in the air and it tasted like style. Sublime, polite, calm yet courageously fresh and individual.

The DW crowd is a beautiful crowd. Different people from different backgrounds with different visions but sharing the same sense of style and liking to DW. It was evident that the people who came out in support were more than happy that the collection, which accordingly to the production manager took almost over two months to produce, was more than their expectations had set standard in their minds.

In the end, David West truly came to play ball and he delivered. Hues and cuts perfect for the Cape Town Summer. One can't but be grateful for his mind and his work.

"This collection was inspired by the people I interviewed. Their experiences and interpretations of Summer."
- David West

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