Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Affair: L'Affaire with Peroni

The L'Affaire with Peroni nights are designed to be after work networking drinks sessions. Conceptualised with the working youth in mind, who need to relax after a long week and chat and network with working class of the same industries and different industries.

I had previously been invited to a session before but had to miss it due to prior engagements and thought it best to make an appearance at this recent one without fail. The set up was casual with a pool deck location next to the hotel's bar.

Guests arrived as they were, either casually or smart casually dressed. People were in high spirits and there seemed to be an intriguing calibre of guests from a broad spectrum of professions.

The session picked very well considering its slow start at the beginning of the evening. I was charmed by a handful of guests whom I found to be very interesting and had ambitions worthy of conversation and exchanging numbers.

I would recommend the sessions for individuals who already know a handful of people who are most likely to attend these events and also those people who are carefree enough to strike up conversation with strangers, as with some groups, they stay true to Capetonian form and mingle with those they already know. So breaking the ice is very important to extending your inner circle at this event.

Below are some images taken on my behalf by one of the Dunhill Switch promoters who were at hand to give guests a taste of a new breed of cigarettes.

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