Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Swipe: Weekend Special in Woodstock

I'm not going to lie, every single time anyone ever says 'weekend special' I start jamming to the boom-box inside my head to Brenda Fassie's song and I two-step here and there. It's just one of those childhood things. The song was and still is an incredible jam that set the scene for everyone's weekend and party mood back in the days.

So one can imagine just how much two-stepping I started doing when I discovered a hidden gem from the David West clan, sublimely called, Weekend Special. It's a boutique store in Woodstock. Not a tavern or bar in a dungy corner blasting hits from the past. Although, you'd be forgiven for walking out of the store jamming to the old new finds you score at the boutique.

So, for more fascinating shopping for gents, and the ladies, take a trip down to Weekend Special in Woodstock and get yourself something for the party to follow.

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  1. Cool Monde!! Your blog is looking awesome!! xx