Monday, February 6, 2012

Moodboard: 2012 Essentials

So we're in full swing of 2012. Meetings have occurred, changes made, resolutions anointed and there's a somewhat dim look coming from your wardrobe. Don't worry, it's nothing fear other than fashion disaster itself. It happens to the best of us, and the most dapper of gents are weary of such and here's what you can do to spruce things up just a little.

There are a few key items you should get as soon as you can to ensure a smooth transition into this year's fashion and more specifically, this year's Autumn/Winter season. It seems the military is in the air. Well, not literally, but the wind does leave scents of utilitarian accessories, leather goods, man-bags all sergeant-generals should own and a winter coat with sharp edges.

Here's what The Renaissance Men recommends you get your hands on as soon as possible.

05. Pocket Square
Available in plenty fabrics and colours and prints, the pocket square is a must-have dapper item.

04. Belts
This year the belt has to have some details. Woven or fabricated. It must make you want to touch it.

03. Man-Bag
Get yourself two. One in soft leather over the shoulder for weekends and one tougher hold-all for during the week.

02. Boots
Make a splash with a half boot for all weather all week.

01. Trench Coat
Something soft to the touch is always great in Winter. Gear up with a cashmere or sheep's wool Trench coat.

The military never left. Show your support with a military styled trench, either with or without fur detail.

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