Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Renaissance Profile: James Byron Dean

Happy Birthday James Dean!

Today, the spirit of James Dean celebrates a legendary 81 years. Having left this earth in an unfortunate accident in 1955, at the supple age of 24, James would have truly celebrated today in true Hollywood style. With a dark, broody suave appearance, husky junior voice and dapper good looks, James Dean was considered, if not still considered, one of the worlds most gorgeous men. His deserving of that title is not due to just the hordes of women who still, today, celebrate and revel in his glorious physique, but it is also due to the unanimous male following he garnered in his short life.

James Dean was considered attractive and dapper by both men and women.

But his legend is born from his starring role in a movie famously titled, 'Rebel Without A Cause'. Playing a teenage character named, Jim Stark, in the 1955 movie, James Dean stole the hearts of the world and most importantly, that of the American youth at the time. His role and his demeanor, portrayed a tarnished youth so eloquently, that even today, no matter how old or young, that movie and that character are what people know his most for.

In his death, in September 1955, James Dean left a style behind. His essence. Since then, he has been mentioned in many songs, movies, had songs titled after him and even has youngsters remaking his hair style and re-inventing his classic white tee, jeans and leather jacket look till this day. We profile him, in celebration of his life, his work, his style. Eternal in its grace and forever rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. He was a true gentleman, to both sexes and was an inspiration to many and still a muse to most, today. 

May the legend of James Dean live on!

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