Saturday, March 17, 2012

Edit: So About Last Thursday

Before I get into this short post, I just need to state that the only reason why this post is even going to exist on the interweb, as the older generations say, is because I just fell in love. With the item in question and its owner.

So last Thursday (Thursday, 15 March 2012) I was in town doing some stuff, collecting information and shooting photographs and I decided to go have a quick drink and recap my day at Neighbourhood on Long Street. Little did I know I would meet creatures weirder and more beautiful than I. Without wasting much space, I met a music producer, a hip-hop artist, a photographer, two new waitresses, a newly separated fiancé, a white girl with a wolf tattoo, a hobo with an LV bag and my favourite person at Neighbourhood, Keisha.

And then there was her. She had the coolest jacket on. It was like Joseph’s technicoloured dream coat, only fast forward a millennia and you have an edgy modern take on something so ancient. It was so warm, bright and uber cool. I just had to get one. And she wasn’t alone. She was with friends, beautiful and fashionable. I wanted them all to be my new fag-hags. Anyway, bottom line is her jacket is hot and that’s the only reason why this post exists, otherwise I wouldn’t have bored you with what happened last Thursday. Which includes me losing another phone.

PS Her grandmother made her jacket. Can I get an amen up in here.

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