Thursday, April 26, 2012

Affair: British Menswear Brand, The Hackett, Launches in Sandton City

Wednesday, 25 April saw The Hackett, a classic and stylish British clothing and accessories brand which caters head to toe for the needs of men and children of all ages, launch a flagship store in the new section of Sandton City Lifestyle Shopping Complex.

The Hackett takes its inspiration from the traditions of British dress without being old-fashioned. As such it describes its products as “evolutionary rather than revolutionary.”The  Hackett clothing is for men who wish to dress stylishly and to whom quality is more important than the vagaries of fashion.

Parts of the range are much the same as they were twenty years ago, but as co-founder Jeremy Hackett says, "our clothes wear in, not out.”  Hackett’s aim is to dress men for any occasion whether for the business, formal, country or sporting contexts which are perfectly encapsulated under the strap-line ‘Essential British Kit’. The 'Little Britons' range increasingly caters for the clothing needs of children.

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