Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY: MICHAELgamePLAN Brings You A Proudly SA Skincare Range

The MICHAELgamePLAN skin care range has been formulated for men of all ages and races.  Developed using the latest technology, MICHAELgamePLAN products are water based with moisturisers, vitamins and natural extracts which include tea tree, rooibos & aloe vera. Botanical and Citrus extracts give it a distinctive scent that appeals to the male sense of freshness.

The range is manufactured in South Africa with the harsher southern hemisphere climate in mind.

Full range of MICHAELgamePLAN products

The products are easy to use and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins.  The range includes 5 products for the face, 3 for shaving and 4 for hair and body. There is also a range of specialised formula's that includes a healing hand and body cream, zit treatment and an SPF15 lip treatment. The five-piece starter kit is perfect for men who'd like to try the range before committing to it, the gym bag or travel.

MICHAELgamePLAN products for the face

MICHAELgamePLAN products for shaving
MICHAELgamePLAN Starter Kit

MichaelgamePlan – Low Foaming Face Wash

Low Foam Face Wash

 All skin types: ideal for sensitive skins.


PLAN: Forget the froth and foam. Keep your face in fine fettle with this unique soap-free formulation with its fusion of Rooibos extract, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree oil. Frequent use helps fight off bacteria and frees the face of all impurities.

TIP: For optimum results wash twice per day and follow with MGP Face Toner.

MichaelgamePlan – Face Toner

Face Toner

 All skin types: ideal for sensitive skins.


PLAN: Be the master and commander of your own facial tone. Tighten your pores, remove excess oil from the decks and heal those minor shaving skirmish nicks and cuts.

TIP: For optimum results use daily after shaving.
For best results use twice daily:
Generously dampen cotton wool pad with face toner.
Start in the middle of your forehead and gently wipe across face, nose and upper cheek area (avoid the lip and eye area).
Wipe downwards in the bearded area and on the neck area to avoid blobs of cotton wool attaching to the stubble.
Allow drying for 3 seconds.
Follow with MGP Aftershave & Face Moisturiser SPF15 in the morning or MGP Deluxe Anytime Moisturiser.

MichaelgamePlan - After Shave & Face Moisturiser SPF 15

After Shave and Face Moisteriser

 All skin types: ideal for sensitive skins.


PLAN:  Repair and moisturise the face after shaving & protecting your skin from UVA/B sunrays with a SPF 15 during the day. Cools and hydrates while keeping the skin supple and feeling great. The combination of vitamins and natural botanical extracts provide active recovery from razor burn and irritation with moisturizing and anti-ageing properties.

TIP: For best results consider using the MGP Face Toner to refine the texture of the skin before applying the moisturiser.

MICHAELgamePLAN is the first men’s product in South Africa to be endorsed by CANSA. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the products is donated to CANSA for Prostate and Testicular cancer.

Stockist:  Available at selected Edgars. Clicks, Pharmacies, Male grooming stores & independent men’s stores nationwide.
011 868 5637

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