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Friday, May 11, 2012

Destination Shopping: DesignGoods at Neighbour Goods Market

Nestled politely at the renovated Old Biscuit Mill, the Neighbour Goods Market is a weekly extravaganza of food, décor, art, fashion and pretty much anything else you can think of. Neighbour Goods Market is the idea of creative duo, Cameron Munro and Justin Rhodes. “The aim of the market”, states Justin Rhodes, “is to revive and reinvent the Public Market as a civic institution.

“We house over 100 speciality traders every Saturday, creating a weekly platform for local farmers, fine-food purveyors, organic merchants, bakers and distributors, grocers, mongers, butchers, artisan producers, celebrated local chefs, and micro enterprises”, he adds.

For me, since its inception, the fashion has really been the draw card. I recall becoming a proud owner of a hand-made plaited winter scarf by designer, Alexandra Höger, on my very first trip to the market back in late 2006. Since then I’ve always gone back for more.

There was a gap in my destination shopping experience for a while around 2008/2009, and I was overjoyed recently with news that not only had the market gone to Johannesburg to give market-lovers that side a taste of life, but there was a special platform being developed for new designers called, Designgoods.

“Designgoods is a new designers market and platform for local creative’s to promote and sell their products direct to the public,” comments Cameron Munro. It features over 30 traders across all disciplines, including fashion, jewellery, accessories, furniture/product designers, vintage items, textiles, shoe designers, books and publications, contemporary crafters, ceramics and more.”

As I made my way through the market, I did manage to find some of the above, but due to the renovations currently happening to make the space large and more efficient, not as many clothing designers were present. However, a brand called, The Summit, was present. They stock leather goods, more specifically, belts, wallets and bow ties. The team from BlueCollarWhiteCollar was also there showcasing their great shirts for guys and their girls.

My favourite stall on the day was by ‘Chapel’. Chapel are stockists of quality handmade goods. Bags, bags and more bags. My kind of people. Laptop bags, backpacks, day bags and even shoppers. I mean these guys provide a serious fix with an edgy bang with their products. The bags are gorgeous, creative and bring a fresh approach to an accessory that tends to sometimes leave you morbid of boredom from the lack of exciting colours and fabrics, and thankfully, Chapel is here to take stock on our account.

For more info on Chapel, email:

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