Friday, May 4, 2012

Toolbox: Memento 2012 Timepieces at LOOM

From Hong Kong with love. Created in 2011, by three crafty dudes, brothers Jeremy and Baptiste and close friend Thomas, Memento arrives as a timepiece so classic in it’s origins and modern in its packaging, that I can guarantee Sherlock Holmes is clawing through his grave right now to get his sophisticated gentleman hands on one.

In South Africa, these Memento Pocket Timepieces are currently exclusively available via LOOM in Parkhurst. The pocket watches are elegantly designed and created to fit with every style and lifestyle. With a crown and case of hairline finished 204 stainless steel and alloy, the watches come with an option of either of two wooden casings: one in sandalwood and the other in maple wood.

Memento embraces, with simplicity and purity, the opportunity for the owner of the watch to control time. To hold time in their hand and decide to either live according to it or to hide it in their pocket and continue living free. And the longer you bond with your Memento timepiece, the more it embodies your life and begins to tell a story of its own, with its constantly changing texture of its wooden case. Creating an even more distinct pattern and texture.

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