Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: ClarinsMEN Skincare – The 30 Day Test

My ClarinsMEN package from Pippa Lovemore at Clarins SA

Last week my package from Pippa Lovemore arrived. Sooner than expected I must admit, however, more than welcomed nonetheless. It was my ClarinsMEN Skincare range, which consists of three coolly packaged products: ClarinsMEN Active Face Wash + ClarinsMEN Super Moisture Balm + ClarinsMEN Line-Control Eye Balm.

ClarinsMEN Active Face Wash

ClarinsMEN Super Moisture Balm

ClarinsMEN Line-Control Eye Balm

Now, I’m personally a Nivea fan. After my dismal stint with Clinique, I had to swallow my pride, return to Nivea and apologise for testing its awesomeness. It would seem that the wheel has turned again with the arrival of these ClarinsMEN products. Apparently history tends to repeat itself and we humans never learn from it.

I laugh in the face of danger [insert evil laugh here]. And with that, I, starting today (Monday, 25 June 2012), embark on a 30-day journey with ClarinsMENS to test if their product is as great as they seem to think it is. Now let’s just get some ground rules straight and out in the open for even more lack of confusion:

  • I’m no dermatologist, so I don’t have academic training on how skin works and what scientific mineral compound combinations are going to do the best job for my skin
  • I’m no health freak but I do walk a lot, being a pedestrian at present, so I do get some form of exercise
  • I’m a Pro-Caffeine coffee and coca-cola consumer – No caffeine means no happy me
  • I am also what wannabe-non-smokers call a ‘social smoker’, meaning I smoke less than a regular smoker but the bottom line is I still smoke

Now with those variables out of the way, let’s see what ClarinsMEN can do for my skin that Nivea is currently not providing or, let’s not forget the or, or see what ClarinsMEN can do better than Nivea is currently providing my skin.

I will do a weekly update on the experience every Monday for the next four (4) weeks and will give a final verdict of my experience Monday, 30 July 2012.

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