Monday, June 25, 2012

Foreword: 46664Fashion Spring/Summer 2012/13 Invite

So a couple of weeks ago I was honoured with an invitation to attend the 46664Fashion Spring/Summer 2012/13 Preview at their Brand-ID offices at Wembley Square.

The Invitation

Now I’m still new in this fashion blogger world and getting invitations to events always comes with a bit more apprehension than excitement. Not because I have something better to do, or I’m not interested in the brand inviting me, but because I always fear I’ll make an idiot of myself in front of very prominent industry people who know way more than me.

However, I got the invitation and I accepted it. A choice I’m still patting myself on the back for. Even I have to admit that. It’s not everyday you find someone who is will to take on a chance on an unknown and actually believe they have something to offer their brand – which is what came out of it all, at this 46664Fahsion preview.

So this week, I dedicate my blog’s time to bringing forth the event in bits and pieces. Allowing you to soak in the magic I experienced in a fair pace, allowing you to comprehend my gratefulness to the brand for opening its doors to me.

So, Wednesday and Friday’s posts will be dedicated to Madiba and the 46664Fashion brand and the event. I’ll bring to you some insider information on what’s coming in the next seasons to you, from 46664Fashion, and provide you with footage that you probably would not have had the opportunity to see. Albeit, the videos are of a quality I myself plan on improving on in the future, but you at least still get the gist of what’s in store for you.

For now though, I’d like to share two things with you. I’d like to show you the emailer invitation I received and the goodie bag I got to strut home with after the event. Well, not strut home – since I had work to do – more like strut to the office with after the event.


The Goodie Bag

The Summer 2012/13 Lookbook

Inside the Summer 2012/13 Lookbook

The Media Disc with Press Releases and Imagery

My Special Surprise

The Basic Zipper in Purple

More of the Basic Zipper in Purple

The Basic Zipper's Trims - From Top to Bottom: The yellow 'hand-print', leather hand-print on zipper & neck label

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