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Thursday, July 26, 2012

#MBFWCT Special Report: Day 2 – CTICC Hosts Leigh Schubert + Habits + Craig Port + Gavin Rajah

Whoop whoop! Day 2 has arrived and today the line up is set to dazzle and bedazzle both male and female audiences alike. Tonight’s showcasing is really going to be #ICONic with even the legendary designer, Gavin Rajah, who also happens to be one of the first designer’s to start Cape Town Fashion Week, 10 years ago, closing of the night as the last show. Bringing the house down with partners such as Moët & Chandon, Vogue Eyewear and even Lindt Chocolates.

Tonight I will only have the pleasure of viewing Habits and Craig Port. So I’m super stoked. I was unable to gain access to Leigh Schubert and Gavin Rajah. The response from the Gavin Rajah tribe was the following:

“@GAVINRAJAH: @_RenaissanceMen we are really sorry but absolutely no space left xxx”

I thought that was cute. And honestly, yes, I’m a little depressed, but this too shall pass like water under a bridge. I still have David Tlale on the cards and Habits, with the young-at-heart Jenny Le Roux is sure to be delicious and I’m also very amped for the Craig Port showing that includes a stellar performance by Ms Lindiwe Suttle. So tonight is bound to be dope!

Thanks to the incredibly informative ‘Designer Bible’ that was provided by the team of Communications Services Africa (CSA), I have some details I can spare with you on the designers, with regards to what they’ll be showing tonight. Is your mouth watering already? I can barely sit still in my seat as I type this blog post.

Here some profiles on the designers showing tonight that I’ll be seeing.

Habits – By Jenny Le Roux
Brand Vision
“I would like Habits to be acknowledged not just as a stand-alone store but for my online business,, to become easily recognizable.”

Clothing DNA
Habit’s signature look is somewhat classic and definitely classy. The Habits brand defines sustainable luxury with the designs having a timeless feel about them. Attracting the youth is important to the brand, allowing a breakaway from sane and sensible designs.

Collection Inspiration
“It’s always difficult to say exactly what inspires me but number one is the younger generation – they have such an irreverent style. One thousand ideas are permanently whizzing through my head and basically it’s all about making women look fabulous. This year’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection has everything from stripes to paint box brights, soft pastels, flowing silks and the inevitable little black dress.”

Craig Port – By Craig Port
Brand Vision
Craig Port embodies a philosophy that always looks towards the future with a design aesthetic that is cutting edge, desirable and fun.

Clothing DNA
Craig Port clothing is both easy to wear and great on the eye, channelling the sophistication of the world’s seaside playgrounds while embracing the endless-summer atmosphere of the Cape’s Atlantic Seaboard.

Collection Inspiration
“Our Spring/Summer 2013 collection embodies a strong, distinct tempo going back to the days of restlessness where we dressed with our hearts. It encompasses the glamorous and giddy flapper girls and the ultra dapper men of the night. It is all about beauty and splendour. The base colours are onyx, bone, gold and coral. Gelato colours, pistachio, dusty mint and blossom as well as the classic combination of French navy and cream with hints of metallic and shimmer.”

So it looks like I’m going to have to make magic happen tonight. Will need an outfit to match the clothes that will take to the ramp!!! It’s going to be explosive. Absolutely incredible. Just can’t wait.

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