Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#MBFWCT Special Report: Day 1 Red Carpet Treatment for Rosenwerth; Philosophy & Kluk CGdT

It is here. It is happening. Ladies and gentlemen, Mercedes-Benz hosts its inaugural Cape Town Fashion Week today. Internationally titled, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, the long awaited and highly anticipated event kicks of its day 1 of fashion feasting and extravaganza. As if the title was not enough to stir the martinis of fashion weeks, the showcase opens with a red carpet experience, introducing fans, media, designers and consumers, to not only a taste of Milan or New York fashion weeks, but to the gorgeous and vintage venue of the first day’s shows, the Cape Town City Hall.

Tonight’s shows will be spread over all the levels of City Hall, with Rosenwerth and Philosophy taking the top two levels, which will require guests to poise themselves on balconies in order to see the glamour that will unfold. Kluk CGdT will be hosted on the ground floor of the venue with a surprise or two in store for all in attendance. The venue is so intimate and glitzy, it only provides seating for 100 guests and a majority of those who will be seated, so say the insiders, will be media who need to capture the event on film for print and broadcast agencies.

Thanks to the incredibly informative ‘Designer Bible’ that was provided by the team of Communications Services Africa (CSA), I have some details I ca spare with you on the designers, with regards to what they’ll be showing tonight. Is your mouth watering already? I can barely sit still in my seat as I type this blog post.

Rosenwerth – By Gabi Rosenwerth
Brand Vision
Rosenwerth’s philosophy of style, self expression and determination, continues to enthral its clientele, keeping the brand relevant to modern times and on the forefront of the South African fashion industry.

Cothing DNA
Rosenwerh provides women of all ages with a practical, fashion forward and meticulously crafted garments from everyday ready-to-wear to exclusive evening and bridal couture. All their bespoke pieces are combinations of soft fluid fabrics, feminine lines, attention to details and exceptional fit, all of which encapsulates signature characteristics of the brand.

Collection Inspiration
“For the 2012 Spring/Summer collection, Rosenwerth is inspired to empower women with feminity and effortless style. The collection creates a narrative of our muse, embracing luxurious fabrics with lustrous surfaces, fanciful hemlines and frill details which epitomise Rosenwerth’s sensuality, womanliness and sophistication. The colour palette for this season’s collection boasts a variety of hues ranging from dramatic monochromes to enchanting jewel tints.”

Philosophy – By Jenni Button
Brand Vision
Opening two more flagship stores in Gauteng in the next few months, Philosophy is also found in larger, speciality department stores where branding is strong. These outlets are supported by Jenni Button’s very visual advertising and marketing material. As a firm believer in local empowerment, Jenni produces 90% of her collection in South Africa and Philosophy is a “Proudly South African” label.

Clothing DNA
“I’m designing for an international woman who demands a modern system of dressing. Philosophy’s concept is based on a few key pieces, where a handful of interchangeable items work together to create an entire wardrobe that goes from day to evening, weekday to weekend, season to season.” Signature dresses, body hugging shapes in fine jersey knits in bold, bright prints and plains, Button cuts with a confident body in mind, knowing where to gauge or create distraction in order to camouflage personally undesired areas. “Philosophy sets the pace… the attitude… for women on the move.”

Collection Inspiration
“The current fashion explosion of print and colour internationally has been my main source of inspiration. It’s confirmation that my bright prints and bold graphics from the past four seasons have been on the right track. The beginning of Spring with the universe giving birth to “colour” and “new life” is a strong influence. I have combined ethnic print, with floral, with leopard and lace and I love the juxtaposition of combining these strong bold prints. To me they become wearable art.”

KLUK CGdT – By Malcom Kluk & Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit
Brand Vision
Kluk CGdT is a collaboration between Malcom Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit, two designers who are passionate and have been consistent in bringing an international boutique experience to South African fashion. The close attention to detail and careful consideration of each garment is what distinguishes their clothing as luxury items.

Clothing DNA
Kluk CGdT clientele are women who exude self-assurance and dress according to their mood. They are accustomed to wearing clashing colours, bold prints and heels – just because they love them.

Collection Inspiration
“Our show is called “Bedtime Stories”, and will include influences from all the favourites bedtime stories that we know and you love – Snow Wite; Little Red Riding Hood; Hansel and Gretel; Sleeping Beauty; Alice in Wonderland so forth. Colours are bright from teal to turquoise, fuschia and cobalt while fabrics are predominantly lace, check and floral brocade with the silhouettes reflecting the early 20th century, from the 20s to the 50s. As always, the venue plays a huge part in the show and the Cape Town City Hall is quite magnificent. Kluk CGdT will obviously bring with it a dramatic narrative and we aim to make it a total sensory experience with music, food, visual, smell and touch all included in the design of the show.”

Well if that wasn’t a mouthful, I’m not sure what it. I’m incredibly excited and nervous all at the same time. The mere visuals in my mind, running wild, are taking me to lands far and wide, and it’s not even close to what I will truly experience on day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town. It surely will be a spectacular spectacle to witness and an emotional showing to be part of.

Look out for pics and videos in tomorrow’s review of the shows. I can’t wait, can you!

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