Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#MBFWCT Special Report: Hello @HabitsFashion, Hello Fashion Showcase

I recently got the pleasure of receiving an invitation to attend the Habits by Jenny Le Roux fashion show at #MBFWCT. I could choose between a ticket for one or a ticket for two. I opted for two. I haven't seen my fabulous cousin in a while and this would be the opulent opportunity to catch up with her and get a dose of wonderful fashion.

So after having made my choice, I received another emailer, this time detailing when and where I would go to collect my ticket. Where else than the head quarters of this #ICONic fashion house, No. 1 Cavendish Close, Cavendish Street, Claremont.

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeting and ushered to have a seat on a bright red couch, while I wait to be attended to. I was shortly greeted by the lovely Dianne who was wonderful enough to present me with the tickets for the Habits show on Thursday. We had a brief chat about the frenzy and how people are not coping and others are.

But before I left, she did something special. She introduced me to the legend behind the brand, Jenny Le Roux. Now that was an honorable experience and a half. Poised and welcoming, Jenny was a glow of relaxation, as opposed to the stressed out, unravelling persona one would expect from a young lady who has a collection to stitch together for fashion week.

The whole brief experience was enough to increase both the excitement and jitter levels for me with regards to fashion week. I'm still far from getting an outfit together and it's quite evident that fashion week is here and I should be ready for stylish battles on the red carpet.

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