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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Special Mention: Women’s Month Expo 2012

I’m not one to particularly go crazy about a majority of these special days, holidays, we celebrate in South Africa. Women’s Day and Month is one of them. It’s not that I’m sexist, I just feel a lot of people go around punting such only to profit from it. Every once in a while, though, something worth noting happens or is mentioned. And given that this specific event I’m talking about includes four women, young women, I have met and consider to know on a personal level, it’s my honour in knowing them and their capabilities that hinges my passion onto mentioning this lifestyle event.

On Saturday, 25 August 2012, a Women’s Month Expo will be hosted at the Strand Tower Hotel in the Cape Town CD area. Doors open at 18:30. The exhibition, which is organized by the lovely Luyanda Peter, will feature exhibited works curated by the awe-inspiring Anelisa Mangcu and the newest being to grace my life, Yang Zhao. Keynote speaker on the evening will be the young media voice, Janine Jellars, who also happens to have been recently named as one of Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans.

The exhibition will be accompanied by music from The Pressure, a team duo designed of DJs Emisang and Shiba. The Pressure will also be featuring as part of the musical soundtrack for the evening, yet another beautiful young lady I know personally, Olwetu.

The ensemble for the evening is built of young women, opinionated, strong-willed, and inspirational, examples of youth who really go out there to get what they want and never settle for second best. One can expect a quality production at this lifestyle event and it is highly recommended you attend if you’re available to.

You can follow the ensemble on twitter using the below Twitter handles:

Women’s Month Expo 2012 - @womensmonth2012
Luyanda Peter - @RazzberriBompi
Anelisa Mangcu - @AnelisaMangcu
The Pressure - @thepressurect
Olwetu Mitya - @Cherri_Bompi

Further information and any media enquiries can be directed to Luyanda Peter who is available via email address:

Please note that all works exhibited on the day are works submitted by the public. So you're support is not just for the above mentioned, but many more contributors from this world.

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