Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Designer Profile: Ohema Ohene by Abenaa Pokuaa

Ohema Ohene is the fashion brainchild of London College of Fashion graduate, Abenaa Pokuaa. Taking key inspiration notes from her Ghanaian heritage, Abenaa translated the marriage of Queen & King into Ghanaian Ohema Ohene and into the fashion brand it is today, which features collections for both men and women.

Ohene, King, which is the menswear line, is a product of meticulous effort and sublime African influence. As opposed to using full metres of African prints to create a garment, Abenaa opts to introduce the Africanism of her designs through way of trims and special details.

From necklines, hems, pocket details, collars, lapels and inner jacket linings, Abenaa ensures the wearer is not particularly overwhelmed by the print, and rather, experiences a selective blend of high quality fabrics, smart design and creative use of vibrant fabrics and colours. Ohema Ohene produces collections that pulse glamour and sophistication.

For more on Ohema Ohene, visit www.ohemaohene.com now.

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