Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Profile: Dress Shirts by Mina Evans

In the bid to discover more and more men’s fashion brands, I stumbled upon Mina Evans. A brand that does great womenswear and sleek and accessible men’s dress shirts. There’s a kind of romanticism with the designs, with each having African fabrics hand-picked by the design team personally. Mina Evans is a relatively young brand, having popped up in the scene in 2010.

Personally, I’m a fan of the brand’s dress shirts for guys. Particularly because I love wearing shirts on a daily basis. Also because they are designed with a fresh approach. They are not the typical BEE or ‘Madiba’ style shirts that you so commonly get these days. There’s not curio and everything stylish about these babies.

Their formality is purely a technicality but they still offer themselves a very effortless and causal existence. They are designed to be worn freely, still, with the ability to adapt to a more formal event. I’m hoping they’ll be made available in South Africa soonest.

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  1. Cool... lovely collection. I liked it....

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  4. Email or visit their website for stockist details.