Friday, September 7, 2012

Surprise: Steve Madden Press Pack from House of Busby

So I recently got a nice surprise delivered to my door. Impeccable timing too, I must admit. House of Busby, who manage the PR/Media requirements for the Steve Madden Brand, had sent me a sweet little press packaging: A cap, headphones, a Steve Madden voucher and an awesome flash drive.

I’m not a cap person, and that’s not their fault. I just don’t enjoy wearing them. So I usually pass those own to people I know are fans of them. I am a lover of headphones and flash drives. Not sure why, but I am and I’m not ashamed. Headphones are very practical and the more I have in various shapes and sizes, the better. I can use a pair for each occasion. And as for flash drives, well, if you’re a smoker then you’ll know getting flash drives works the same as getting lighters.

You buy a lighter today, someone asks to use it, next thing you know you have no lighters. Or, you get a flash drive, forget it somewhere, then ask to use someone else’s, you get home later that day and you all of a sudden have three instead of one. And that’s the same for flash drives. So when I get sent a flash drive, I smile, because deep down I know it’ll be a lifesaver at some digital point when I need to do a data transfer last minute.

So thank you to Kerrin and the team from Busby House for thinking of me. I’ll be sure to send some love back!

Renaissance Men

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