Thursday, November 22, 2012

Affair: Mr Price & Henry Holland Go Cray for #DenimAndTees

Murderous! Absolutely murderous!

What is, you ask? The fact that it has taken me a full week to get to this post. Thursday, 15 November, 2012 saw my insignificant self flown into Johannesburg to attend the Mr Price/Henry Holland #DenimAndTees Launch at a beautiful rooftop venue in Sandton. Mr Price went so cray on us that they flew everyone worth flying from Durban (DBN) and Cape Town (CPT), into Johannesburg (Joburg/Jozi/JNB) for this once in a lifetime experience. Well, for me it was a once in a lifetime experience. How many brands give enough cents about me to actually fly me somewhere for an event?


The anticipation for this specific experience had been overwhelming. From deciding what to wear, accessories, packing enough in a bag small enough to do enough was already too much for my small mind to comprehend. So at one point, I had to have a mojito just to chill and get to grips with life. So, after sorting out my Tom Ford’s for UV protection and uber cool factors, I managed to secure Stiaan Louw attire to ensure I could be as casually tailored as possible. And to close off the ensemble, neckpiece was provided by MissAnke and I wore my ‘ninja’ tekkies to keep the feet happy.

Off I trotted to the airport at around 06h00 in the morning. I was not happy, but alas, it had to be done. All the while the nerves were at their peek and so was the excitement. I shared the flight with some fashion heavyweights, including Robynne Kahn of Cosmo, RobynCooke of Style Guide CT, Raya Rossi of A Fashion Friend, Chu Suwannapha of Huisegenoot/You, and even the forever fabulous Ms Jackie Burger from ELLE. Fact is, Cpt fashionistas were out in full gear and support.

Landing at O.R. Tambo felt like a dream within the nightmare that I find to be Joburg. For once my nose didn’t dry up like biltong. We were greeted by the beautiful ladies from Mr Price, along with some kick-ass branded shuttles. Also managed to spot Mr Henry Holland with his entourage outside, waiting on their car. Off we trotted into the world of Mr Price and Henry Holland. The road trip was too long for normal Capetonians but was shorter than expected considering the distances one can find themselves travelling in this specific city. The venue, almost perched on a type of hill, maybe the top of a valley, had a spectacular view of Jozi. The rooftop space was well decorated and it really felt more like a celebration rather than a launch.

Fashionistas invade Joburg

And a celebration it should be considering if you think about the R10 per tee sold that will be donated to the Mr Price Red Cap Foundation, which does incredible work in local communities. At the entrance were trestle tables with small black boxes which magically produced badges with your name on it. Like seriously, Mr Price got game. I was impressed. Gone are the days of the boring name tag that embarrasses you. Here is the time of cool badges for cool people by a cool brand.

It was fabulosity, fun, intrigue and fashion finds all around. There were mannequins with customised denims by specially selected fashionistas from around SA. A great bar with a view to kill serving amazing liquids! PIMMS were my treat. Still don’t know what the combination was that the gents were shaking and stirring but it went together with my throat. Live models who feature in the new Summer campaign for Mr Price were also on scene cladded in the latest gear for closer inspection.

Coffee break moment at the airport...

The usual formalities were present: Panel discussion with Amber (Mr Price Trend Manager) + Anisa (Creative Director of Lion, Cloth & Ashes) + Leigh (Fashion designer – recently designed the SA Olympic Team’s opening ceremony kit) who were hosted by the ever on point radio personality, Poppy Evans, wearing ‘Game On’ earrings. There were some presentations, features on work by four fashion creative’s and then the main event – Henry Holland on stage!

By now I had already had my fill of overexcitement and was ready to just have a moment with Henry and soak in the socialising with all the fashionistas from outside Cpt.

Basically, Mr Price kicked ass when they made the #DenimandTees launch happen and made sure I was there. The rest is written in the photos that are now proof of living memories.

1st Impressions interview with Henry Holland

Over the coming weeks we will be showcasing original images and video from the Mr Price / Henry Holland / FUN. / #DenimAndTees campaign… So don’t forget to check in again soonest!

PS I’m sure you don’t really care, but here’s some footage from the trip home and a peek at the goodie bag from Mr P.

Thanks Mr P,
Renaissance Men

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