Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion: Punk Rock in the 21st Century

Punk Rock has forever been an incredibly formidable style and trend. It has a classic presence in any era and it ensures the youth of the time stay strong, continue the movement and never miss out on any beat. Starting with awkwardly cut t-shirts and tattered jeans with dirty Converse All Stars, the trend has seen a progressive transition into something a little more upmarket, cutting edge, ethnic, creative and well, post-modern.

This season’s punk rocker is shirted up, one foot forward from the t-shirt. He turns in the tattered denims for graphic printed jeans, floral chinos or even ethnic print slim-fits. He kicks it up a notch or two with funked-up hair and a pair of neon or metallic shoes and accessories.

The aim is not to sweat the big stuff but keep it cool with understanding the basic principles of the genre of fashion. It’s about attitude, a sense of breaking the rules and creating your own ethos for living fashion. Take what you have already seen and update it in both a street-smart and style-savvy manner.

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