Thursday, December 20, 2012

Look Book: Quirks Invasion by Orange Culture

I have always been a fan of Orange Culture. After my first spotlight on the brand 'Profile Interview with Orange Culture's Adebayo Oke-Lawal', I have been enthralled by the splendour with which he designs for the modern African man. There's a sense of freedom, expression and confidence in the collections that beckons only the boldest and most sublimely elegant of men to approach and take stance.

His newest collection, Quirks' Invasion, was recently showcased at the MTN LFDW 2012 and is to be made available for sale at the Le Petite Marche in January 2013. It's a collection for the traveling man who embodies his culture and roots without the need to lament them in people's minds through overtly African motifs. It's about engaging passers-by and to create a subtle revolution in the way one perceives their rite to fashion and style.

It's bold, exciting, fun and edgy. With tailored cuts and smart use of faux fur, this particular collection showcases a man who needs no other person's, but his own, opinion on what he wears. Styled by Bubaai, this campaign and look book is photographed by the illustriously talented Temi Adebayo. Oke-Lawal also partnered with Haus of Hercules to produce the lovely leather bags and shoes that accompany this collection.

Anyway, enough blabbering from me. Take a look at the images below as we all know, "seeing is believing".

"Quirks' Invasion"

Fashion - Orange Culture
Creative Direction - Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Photography - Temi Adebayo
Styling - Bubaai
Models - Kwen & Kenneth

The Campaign...

The Accessories...

The Look Book...

And there you have it, Africa making yet another positive mark in the world.

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Anonymous said...

And so d boys did me proud as always.......sweet Bayo,kwen & kaykay love y'all much.....y'all r d best @ wat u do aint no oda *kiss*kiss*

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