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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Affair: L’Ormarins Queens Plate 2013

So the Friday before Queens Plate I was invited to dinner with Peroni and their Dons of Style entourage. It was an experience. So much so I’ve decided not to touch on it or upload any photos. Instead, I will thank Mak Tema from OgivlyPR for the invitation and for turning my night around, along with the help of Sivu Nobo of SAB.

Now, for her majesty’s crockery. Saturday, 12 January 2013, saw the 152nd L’Ormarins QueensPlate take place at Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town. The weather was approving and so was the dress code – Elegantly blue and white. I would not have been able to attend if the amazing team from Skyy Vodka SA had not awarded me VIP Stud Club tickets via a Facebook competition.

It was my first time in attendance and considering I’ve been yearning to attend for the last five years, it felt as though I really were royalty. I took my beautiful cousin, Sibu, along and was grateful I did as she managed to hold her own and I could leave her be and do my own thing while she manages her mingling situations. Quite a bit was happening and met a lot of new and interesting people so to cut this blog post short – copy-wise – I’ll compartmentalize things for both you and I…

Here we go…

The Venue
Kenilworth racecourse was the venue for the day. It’s the same venue that hosts the J&B Met, for those who need a reference point. Upon entering the grounds (via Wetton Rd), one was greeted by the actual racetrack. Once through the entrance, where you were tagged, you saw the grounds, green below and white and blue above. The Skyy Vodka/Mercedes-Benz marquee was on your immediate left with some L’Ormarins stands to your right. Further down the grassy lawn you arrived at the ‘food court’ area where one could indulge in snacks and drinks as much as they liked as much as their wallets allowed. Once you hit the ‘Media Centre’ station, turn right and you were at the VIP Stud Club marquee – my home for that day. Food was readily available, chairs and high tables, an Elizabeth Arden station for those with melting makeup issues, and a bar fit for royalty which had Peroni and Wines free flowing all day. Then, there was that Peroni center-court. A further, cordoned off area within the already cordoned off marquee. They were entertaining their group of guests from Joburg who were down here as part of promotional activities… So I do forgive them for their privacy needs. Especially considering I did manage to get pulled into their domain for most of the day. Outside the Stud Club you also found the L’Ormarins Luncheon marquee and also the picnic spots. The décor was simple and elegant and reinforced the day’s theme of white and blue throughout.

Some details from the day including the tickets collected from the Skyy Vodka offices on Friday… Details of my outfit by Stiaan Louw and then of course crazy bits and pieces by attendees on the day. Absolutely loved the pocket square and brooch detail, along with the blue eyelashes. The ladies pulled rabbits out of hats with their nail design moments and sexy backless backs of their dresses. The gents played around with bow tie print and design ideas which put a sparkle in my smile. Have a squiz at my favourite detail situations.

Here are some people I spotted on the lawn… Please note, due to my lack of TV watching and Radio listening, I hardly know anyone apparently famous. If I do happen to know someone, it’s probably by pure luck or disclosure from someone else. So you can check for yourself if you know any of these beautiful people…

It’s incredibly fascinating how fascinators work. I suppose they have an appropriate name as the designs you find can really leave you fascinated. I’ve always wondered how one would fascinate a person using a headpiece, and now I know. Okay sorry… I couldn’t resist trying to see how many times I could use that without getting under my own skin. Anyway, here are some headpieces I managed to capture. I’m a little sorry I missed Thandi’s amazing flower fascinator which was the talk of the ‘town’ for quite some moments.

Dons Of Style
So remember earlier when I said that I managed to find myself in the Peroni/Dons Of Style cordoned off area within the marquee? Well this is what was happening when I got there… Having met some of the peeps from the previous night’s dinner, it was nice to have a chit-chat with them in a more social environment where I could just get up and leave if I found you boring… Something one can’t easily do at a sit-down dinner. There was also a little photo  shoot the dons were busy with for the campaign and I managed to stalk them for a while and snap up some of the moments… Mind you, the dons were dressed by the team from CSquared.

CSquared is CSquared. I love these guys. They are a little mad but who isn’t. It was great to hang with them and just chat general talk. General talk usually refers to fashion, designers, latest trends, what the competition are up to and who’s likely to make it next season. Am looking forward to having more general chat with them at the J&B Met.

Dapper Gents
Of course, my blog would not be complete without images of gorgeous men dressed to their own personal interpretations of perfection. And here are my favourites.

Picture Perfect
Just some panoramic views of the venue and day…

So in a nutshell, it was awesome. I did not manage to get my Jo-Ann Strauss photo moment, but at least she knows I exist and that I’m waiting. So next time darling, we will say ‘cheese’ together. Just in case you ask, there are no pics with me in them as I never ever take a photo of myself, something I need to get out of. I promise, moving forward, to ensure there is at least one image of me in the post (if applicable).

Until next time,

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