Tuesday, January 15, 2013

London Collections Men 2013: Day 2 - Tuesday, 8 Jan 2013

London Collections happened last week (Mon, 7 Jan - Wed, 9 Jan 2013) and it was a bumper packed three days of delicious fashion. To get a full scoop on all the designers and all their collections, please feel free to visit the home site via, London Collections. I went through the lists and have picked shows I enjoyed and ones that have specific items that I thought were worth the mention. Look out for three (3) posts, including this one, of my highlights and I will try to go more image than copy but in some instances expect more videos than anything. Hope you enjoy and hope we'll see more similar styles hitting our shores soon.

For a quick recap on yesterday's review, click here.


Jonathan Saunders
Instead of sticking to the standard colour blocking options of seasons past, Jonathan Saunders (who happens to have worked with Alexander McQueen - just to drop a name), opted to keep moving in a colour involved manner but introduce a more collaged format. Creating a type of '50 shades of what ever' kaleidoscope, his collection is a series of gradient fills with coats trapping spot colours in the middle of two black walls. For a Winter collection, it proves to be a much more well-mannered presentation of what guys could wear. It's definitely one of the more sellable ranges to have come out of this menswear fashion week. Simple detailing, strong lines, warm fabrics and fun designs - that's what today's modern man who doesn't like too much attention is after to ensure he looks the part without the noise.

Watch the fashion show here...

Now I am a die-hard fan of Vivi. So much so that I refuse to comment or describe her collections because I have a firm belief that they speak volumes all by themselves. Her reputation is editorial on its own and her imagination is only rivaled by the level of craftsmanship in her studio. Here's what she offered up for all to admire at London Collections Men AW 2013...

Watch the full fashion show here...

It's like walking into a Goth movie while living in the Great Gatsby era. Like mashing masculine frames with feminine detailing. It was just sexy. Not as wow as I would generally imagine of the Alexander McQueen brand, however, befitting of a men's collection from the label. The high, almost pointed shoulders for me were best sellers. The prints gave me orgasms and the panel detailing was like retro-fitting a lego man Savile Row style. I thoroughly enjoyed the luxurious look and feel of most fabrics and ensembles. There was definitely a tracing of a return to looking like 'old money'... A look I respect and cherish as it has come a long way in epitomizing societies who understand how to dress according to their means. Overall, a great first installment of menswear from the company's new head designer, Sarah Burton.

Watch the luxury for yourself...

I am still on the hunt for the images or video from the Burberry London Collections show. I will see them and I will love them. It's that simple. Until tomorrow, when I go through my picks from the last day of London Collections Men AW 2013, enjoy your style.


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