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Monday, January 7, 2013

I Know What I Did Last Summer

Do you know what you did last Summer? I do. It was fun. A blew a whole lot of money on transport getting around but nothing on booze and food because at every spot I found myself invited to, it was all catered for… Now that is stylish living – I think. I could be wrong. It could have all been a ploy to ensure I buy into the brands, which they didn’t need to do considering I’m a fan on the two below mentioned brands anyway. However, the thought and effort is much appreciated and I’m looking forward to Summer 2013 for even bigger and greater experiences with them.

I’ll keep my horror stories short and to the two biggest moments of my last minute planned December.

1st was the Peroni Spectacular Yacht Party. I was expecting a high ratio of light-skinned people and was met with blacks. Sorry to put it that way but it’s actually the most accurate way of interpreting the findings. Luckily for me they were fabulous and I knew a small yet powerful number of them blacks. So the yacht turned out to be great fun.

Yes, it did leave 2 hours later than scheduled, which meant I could have not rushed and had some breakfast and possibly lunch and drinks at Primi with Kyle (who was my PLUS 1). Regardless, there were photo opportunities as you entered, a cold Peroni to welcome you on the yacht, Sea Breeze, and smiles all around. The boat filled up and finally left. Basicially, if it were not for the great crowd, fantastic booze and smooth tunes, being stuck on that yacht in the middle of the ocean with the bad choice in food would have sucked. Okay, they did have a prawn canapé that was delicious – but that was about it. The yacht made its way around the waterfront and due to high winds and tall waves, had to set anchor just outside The Grand in Granger Bay. Not particularly ideal, but we quickly overlooked the moment and just created an exquisite time on board. Others wore Lagerfeld, Kyle wore Burberry and I wore Stiaan Louw. It was comforting to my eyes to see people beautifully dressed and those who clearly didn’t make an effort were at least decently attired so my eyes didn’t panic when they graced their garments.

Anyway, in short, the yacht was hella fun! Beautiful peeps from Johustleburg and delicious liquids to quench the summer blaze.

Next up was the J&B Made Rare Experience at Shimmy Beach Club. This was probably one of those festive summer experiences that sits in the Top 3 Best Of 2012 Events list. It was what it was. Fun. Love. Amazing. Fabulous. And again bumper packed with delicious people from all cities in the country and all looking too fly for the clouds. Ground zero is where it was at and J&B made sure they left no rock unturned in ensuring we were in the moment. I had a little issue with the fact that we got drink coupons, as if opening the bar until a certain time and then switching to cash was going to be worse than giving me 8 pieces of paper to use as token for purchasing beverages at the bar. Moving swiftly along, the view from Shimmy is fabulous. Nothing but ocean and a bit of the Waterfront and plenty of Table Mountain. Lulo Café did his walk-around-looking-pretty-for-attention thing, which caught me off guard. At first glance he looked like a regular guy, then he pouted and I immediately recognized him. Highlight of my evening was my cousin getting the chance to go on a helicopter ride and being able to tick that off her bucket list at under 30 – something most of us won’t get to do in our lifetimes. Another highlight was seeing my bestie, Tumi, looking AMAZING! And not to mention the two urban goddesses, Janine J and Mokgadi Seabi – fashionistas of note breaking it down on the dance floor like only fabulosity can.


In closing 2012, thank you to Sivu Nobo for hooking up the Peroni yacht party and to my cousin Busi for hooking up my J&B experience. And now, for 2013… Where will we find ourselves this year?


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