Friday, January 4, 2013

Last Friday: Ilovemylaundry with Peroni

Some Fridays past I received an invitation from Mister Sivu Nobo to attend a end of week sundowners sessions at ilovemylaundry in town. I’d been passing by this specific venue for months now and continually kept saying to myself, ‘I need pop in at some point’ to see what was happening. Few weeks prior to this invitation I had also exchanged some tweets with the team from ilovemylaundry. So when I got the invitation I told myself not to waste it.

Off I went after work that Friday and thank goodness too as I needed that break. The venue was kitted out with a solo i-fi system, which is basically one large speaker with a built-in dock for your iphone or ipod. This device does not take up relatively much space yet it packs a sound bigger than that of a full home entertainment theatre system with surround speakers and sound.

There were cold Peroni’s on call and the vibe was relaxed and matured. Cape Town’s weather for once was approving. With a warm sunset and mild breeze for air. It was a grouping of close contacts, making the gathering small and intimate. The venue was open for its usual business, so we had the odd customer in and out now and then to collect or drop off their laundry.

Dim Sum was available to order, something I have been recently introduced to through some time spent with Yang Zhao and Zaki Ibrahim. I ordered Anchovies and Pork dim sum and waited patiently as my taste buds began to imagine what that taste experience would prove to be. On the ‘decks’ was a friend of Sivu, whose playlist was awesome. Chilled deep house vibes with some dub step and electronica in the mix too.

I’m hoping that these Fridays will exist in the New Year and that I’ll be prone to an invitation to each and every one of them. I can officially admit that people in Cape Town need to stop complaining that there’s never enough to do and realize it’s about knowing who to chat to if you’re looking for something specific and different.

And if you’re based in Cape Town and looking for a spot to drop off your laundry, enjoy some wi-fi and nibble on some dim sum, I recommend iloveyourlaundry. It’s now become a member of my home-away-from-home list!

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