Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Call It Spring Goes On Tour AW 2013

There’s very little to work with when it comes to menswear, usually. So it’s fun to find brands putting in an extra effort to excite you about their product, latest collection and their personality. Call It Spring has recently launched their latest collection that follows specific Fall/Winter trends. The campaign takes shape around a group of close friends who enjoy wild youthful adventures and discover their magic while wearing footwear that is fashionable, made of high quality, comfortable and speaks to their individual personalities.

Call It Spring’s trends for Fall Winter are:

Folk Wave

Feel the Folk Wave wash over you and warm up your heart and your toes. This is a dance with Mother Earth, an embrace of all cultures, an urban celebration of outdoorsy styles that are as hot looking as they are toasty feeling. Thick, chunky suede and old scuffed leather in honeyed hues mix with Incan, Afghan and Texan blanket prints, bringing the best of the world together in one single spot: your wardrobe.

Playful Glam

Add some shine, some sleek and some chic to your everyday life. Why not? Whoever said trendy was meant for parties didn’t know the secret of true style – that it knows no border, no time zones and no limits. Taking a cue from the roaring ‘20s and the era’s outlandish love of diamonddripping glamour, Call It Spring takes back the night and brings it into daylight.

High Performance Chic

Welcome to the future with the avantgarde hybrid that is High Performance Chic. Focusing on performance materials, hightech textures and a fundamentally urban perspective, this trend walks the line between athletic (in spirit) and sophisticated (in look). The lines are suave and modern, and the materials reflect the needs of city life – in other words, just because you’re rocking high-tops doesn’t mean you can’t wear your suit to work.

So gents, gear up and prepare to seduce the ladies with your feet. Call It Spring has a flagship store in all major shopping malls in South Africa, including: Canal Walk + Cresta + Menlyn + Sandton + Gateway + Highveld Mall.

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