Thursday, February 7, 2013

Union Blues by TOPMANLTD

The latest offering for man by British fashion house TOPMANLTD is proving to be a rather fitting collection for the South African Autumn season. Union Blues is a collection of herringbone, twills, cottons and poplins. All very smart casual yet somehow also very grounded. It’s not pretentious in any manner and delivers a heavily comfortable fit. Designed to compliment most guys with a type of preppy-tallish-slim body, Union Blues utilises squared-off shoulders, mid-torso buttoning points for its blazers and oval ‘close to the neck’ crew cardigans. It’s a sensual collection.

Colours in Union Blues are from the primary family and don’t venture anywhere farther really. Deep indigos take center stage with the inclusion of denims available in a blue to sun bleached white style. My favourite pieces include the pagoda red cardigan and blue printed jumper. Two absolutely well-crafted items of fashion that have a clear path of longevity and effortless style. That, for me, is the richer quality of this collection. It is its ability to marry the heritage of (British) work-wear with modern times and create a collection that won’t wear out after a few seasons.

Cape Town is currently not blessed with a TopShop or TopMan outlet, which is such a pity. The LTD range is usually refreshed every six to eight weeks and this specific Union Blues range will be available at all flagship stores in SA until end March 2013.

Visit Topshop/Topman in Sandton City (011 685 7070) or Topman in Gateway (031 583 1333) to get your well-manicured hands on this and plenty more.

As for me, guess I’ll have to cross my fingers someone surprises me with something!

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