Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#MenStyleChat: Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 - 14h30

CSquared SA + Monde Mtsi + Sandy Nene + Lawrence Dube + Twitter 
= #MenStyleChat

When: Thursday, 31 January, 2013
At: 14:30 (GMT +2 hrs)
Where: Twitter

Topic: Top Trends, Looks, & Tips on dressing for the #MadeToFly @JBScotch #Met2013 event

Hashtag: #MenStyleChat

Be sure not to miss it. The all male panel will be discussing everything guys need to know to gear them up for Saturday's big horse-racing event. Look sharp, be smart, follow the debate and be armed with glamour that's as masculine as your personality. You, our dapper gents, have the opportunity to connect and pose questions for us to answer to deal with any fashion anxiety you might have every blue moon. Make sure you email your questions/images/comments to Click > here < to see past Twitter discussions to get an idea of what to expect tomorrow.

About Monde Mtsi
Renaissance Men editor, free-range crazy fashionista and all round happy spirited human. Monde's passion lies within the realm of fashion with magazines and motion pictures making a close runner up. Tuned in to the workings of menswear in South Africa, Monde aspires to be a leading voice in his country's fashion industry.

About Sandy Nene
Blogger, Entertainment Commentator, Publicist. Listen to every fridays Between 3-6pm via Audio streaming Mr Nene also has his very own blog - Stay On Point.

Fashion, style, art and all things physics enthusiast, Lawrence Dube better known as Boy In PR is an awfully great character. With persuasive photography skills and a keen eye on fashion, Lawrence is someone who takes lightly of how serious he is about the business of fashion blogging. Balancing life as a student and a blogger, Boy In PR is leading the way is proving one can attain any dream and achieve any goals as long as they remain stylish and aspire. You can check out Lawrence's blog, Fashion PR Boy, here.

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