Tuesday, April 9, 2013

COLLECTIONS: The Lady She Is Fierce in the Land of Milq & Honey

So a little why ago I was invited to the Milq & Honey Autumn Winter 2013 Collection launch. I'm such a terrible blogger because when you've attended an event the best blogging etiquette implies you upload the post (if you planned on reporting the event) at least a few days post event - as opposed to my little a week or two after event.

Anyway, the bottom line is the launch happened and it was quite an experience. Hosted at the super boutique mall The Bromwell, in Woodstock, guests were welcomed with a creamy cocktail, courtesy of Roberto (or as the MC said Robert) Cavalli. There were the usual suspects (bloggers - myself included) and then there were some extras (print media). Of course, no fashion event in Cape Town is complete without some so-called celebrity. Names will not be mentioned.

So the MC did his thing and then 3D took to the ramp. I've had been privy to a show by 3D before so was interested to see how this heterosexual majority would react. They, as per usual, gave a performance to remember. Costume changes included. And so it was that the clothes finally made it to the ramp.

A mixture of fur, leather and animal prints. Were those tights or leggings? These days I can never tell them apart. There was an all awesome fierceness about the collection that clearly stated its woman - independent, fearless and fun loving. Pretty much a Cosmopolitan reading kind of girl. She's tall and poised and has some serious attitude. I had to admit half way through the ramp presentation that the sponsor Roberto Cavalli and the brand Milq & Honey seemed like the perfect pair. They both have these glammed-up edgy leather whipping fox woman image that can be empowering if portrayed correctly.

As you can see it takes a bold woman with a young and fluttering lifestyle to rock these garments to their fullest potential. My favourite piece was the peplum dress with gold beading detail around the neck! Absolutely beautiful!

Looking forward to seeing a Milq & Honey girl on the super trendy streets of Cape Town...

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