Monday, April 22, 2013

Launch: Get The London Look with Topman SA

After how many months of harassment and pretend threats on Twitter Topshop finally caved and launched their Cape Town store at the V&A Waterfront this past week.

Now we can all get that London look Kate Moss forever taunts us about by stepping into our very own Topman store in Cape Town. After a very stuffy and flamboyant Tommy Hilfiger store launch around the corner, stepping into the cool and spacious Topshop was a dream. My little piece of heaven.

Greeted by two beautiful young ladies, I was tagged and ushered to receive my glass of champers and peruse the store. I of course wasted no time in trotting straight, or in my case gaily forward, to the Topman section of the store.


There it was. The London look for men. British through-and-through and totally priced at my wallet’s level of maturity especially on payday. Topman is going to be the best thing to hit uber cool kids in Cape Town and you can consider your Mr Price days upgraded. My favourite portion of the section is the TopmanLTD ranges which brings you limited edition pieces that can carry collections that have even more edge than the usual collections in the store.

The store’s layout is well thought-through and clearly marked. Loved the oversized images in the changing rooms and accessories wall. I do believe I belong in the shoes corner. All those shoes and I only have one pair of feet. How will I manage?

The store also introduced its TOPSHOP Personal Shopper feature. You get to have a moment of luxury when you sit down with one of the stylists for a consultant on what to buy in the store for literally any event in your life. From buying a capsule collection for work or even putting together something for a gala dinner, you get to have one-on-one attention all for free.

And then of course there were the lovely guests including; Leizel van der Westhuizen, Skattie What, Bee Diamondhead, Nico, Clay Morar, Didi Moses, Bronwyn Day, and so forth and so forth.

The highlight of my night, apart from Topman finally opening, was meeting Nico aka @NicoIsMyName! I had heard him earlier in the evening jokingly call himself ‘the vintage man’ and I thought ‘lovely, must meet him later’. And I did meet him and he’s now officially my best new friend. Follow his vintage travels through champagne nights and priceless fashion moments on twitter.

Happy shopping at Topman gents, enjoy and keep the lady happy by taking her with. Your credit card won’t melt thanks to the reasonable prices.

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