Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Event: G-Star RAW Opens at Canal Walk

I recently attended an event hosted by the team from G-Star RAW. It was their Canal Walk store’s official opening. I’d promptly arrived directly from a session at Woolworths with Noeleen, so was more dressed for something else other than a denim moment. Which was obvious, as the more people piled in the more denim there was on the human bodies than in the store itself.

Perched directly across from GUESS in Canal Walk, getting to G-Star RAW is not that big a deal once you make it into Century City, of course. The store is located close to one of the main entrances, something I always look out for when it comes to visiting Canal Walk. Not sure if you’ve ever had that situation where you seemed lost and it appeared as though the shopping mall was growing longer and wider the further you walked into it… I have. Countless times.

There’s really not much I can say about the launch that I haven’t mentioned in a past post on G-Star RAW, specifically the V&A Waterfront store. It’s all about denim and variety and complementary pieces that fit into the denim lifestyle.

I would like to thank Jameson for their ever-indulgent presence. I was extremely grateful to have sushi on the menu, especially considering I had been starved of it for months. Also like the soft play on food choice against the brand’s RAW personality. I’m always surprised when I attend an event and Goldfish is the main act. Considering how much they cost to hire for any LIVE event, I am always in awe when they are present and tuning up the fun levels with superb music and great stage presence.

Two highlights for me were seeing Michelle from Cinder and Skylark wearing a traditional print turban and bumping into a varsity friend of mine, Pumeza, who was about to jet off to Denmark and the UK a few days later to go and do her buying thing. The crows was a standard mixture of the brand’s client/customers plus members of The Foschini Group plus a couple of us media (blogger) people. I had a great chat with A Fashion Friend’s Raya outside while we had a moment of silence from the excitement of the launch.

This can’t be said enough times, if you’re a lover of denim and now have access to The Foschini Group, go to G-Star RAW and get yourself a pair or two of denims. Don’t forget to buy a matching shirt and possibly one of two great bags I saw. Denim is a fashion item that will remain forever trendy, so you can’t possibly go wrong.

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