Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grooming: Learn To Block Out The Sun

Just because the season’s changed, the weather’s cooled and the sun begins to set early doesn’t mean your skin needs less protection from harmful UV rays. Autumn and winter sun can be just as harmful to your skin as when you’re in the summer periods. To help you combat the early skin damage caused by over exposure to the sun in cooler seasons, we pick out the top three sun protective products in the market right now to keep your skin sun damage free.

Nimue Sun-C with SPF40 – RRP R295 – 60ml tube

With its superior broad spectrum protective qualities, this lightweight sunscreen can be used as a daily applicatant thanks to its non-oily cream base.  Sun-C has an easy to apply texture with every drop scientifically formulated to nourish the skin with active ingredients such as Vitamins C and E to activate skins collagen synthesis and Yeast Polysaccharides to protect against premature ageing. Nimue has ensured that every man gets his just desserts of protection and with the added plant based emulsion base which also makes it suitable all skin types.

DCL’s Super Sheer Sunscreen with SPF50+ - RRP R390 – 74ml tube

Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories’ Super Sheer Suncreen with SPF50 is a lightweight, non-comedogenic sun protector. With its advanced triple PA rating SPF, this sunscreen finishes in a matt finish for the active man who wants full sun protection without the oily mess. Designed to simulate benefits of a cosmetic or aesthetic treatment plan the sunscreen comes packed with high quality characteristics including Co Enzyme Q10; nourishing botanicals and even Alpha Hydroxy Acid molecules for a fully comprehensive nourishment and protection agent.  With over 30 years formulating high quality skin care products, DCL has ensured you get a product that acts as precisely as surgeons without the cost of the operation.

Sunactiv Sunscreen Cream by Dermasure with SPF25 – RRP R95 – 75ml tube

If you’ve ever wondered if you’d find a sunscreen lotion that was more of a daily cream wonder no more. Dermasure Sunactiv Sunscreen Cream is what you’re looking for. With a high moisturiser cream base and with added SPF20+, this cream is the best solution to all day protection, moisture control, skin nourishment with an oil-free finish. Perfect for the gent who is constantly working, with exposed arms, possibly a bald head, Sunactiv Sunscreen Cream will ensure you don’t lose any battles with the sun. Clinically developed with consultations with South Africa’s Dermatologists, the product comes fragrance free and packed with Vitamins C and E. And with anti-oxidants to protect from photo-ageing you can be sure you’ll stay looking younger for a little bit longer.

The above mentioned products are all available from leading cosmetic counters and from your reliable drug store.

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