Monday, May 13, 2013

Time Out: Komono Street Fashion at Citymob

I struggle putting anything together when it comes to watches. Main reason for this is the fact that I don’t wear a watch anymore. I used to when I was younger and had time on my hands. Now I just can’t seem to get over the fact that there’s a weight on my wrist I can’t seem to shake off. Regardless, just because I don’t wear a watch doesn’t mean I can’t talk about them. So in a bid to revive my interest in watches and assist you to grow your current collection of timepieces, let me introduce you to something new and fun to arrive in South Africa.

Komono is a Belgian brand that is currently stocking its fun and fresh range of watches exclusively through From styles such as Fat Wizard Espresso, Wizard Heritage Series in Silver Army to Magnus Black Cognac and Magnus Print Series Hawaiian Nights, you’re bound to find a watch to match your mood and tastes. Cosmic colours and stellar styles come together in an individual and wearable collection for every guy out there.

These leading international fashion label takes fashion to the streets and the culture to the clubs, allowing you the consumer to find a variety of styles to fit most of your wardrobe with. Buy one style that fits everything or two or more to change as you plan your weekend fashion. With Komono, looking good has never been this easy.

Log on to and find that perfect match for yourself.

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