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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ED’S CHOICE: NIVEA FOR MEN’s new Sensitive After Shave Splash

I always watch these commercials where the guy stands over a washbasin and splashes water all over his face with a white-toothed smile and without batting an eyelid. ‘How does it feel’ I used to wonder to do that. Was it ever real or was it yet another ploy by advertisers to get us to buy into something we don’t need or can’t really afford just yet.

NIVEA FOR MEN’s Sensitive After Shave Splash is most likely the closest solution to getting that invigorating feeling with no burning sensation freshness after a shave you’ll come across in recent times. Containing 0% alcohol while offering 100% of the refreshing feeling this new generation of splash-on after shave for men is an ideal companion for the grooming kit. The after shave reduces irritations, facial redness, all the while improving the skin’s own resistance against environmental influences.

If you’re looking for skin that’s refreshed and invigorated, while looking and feeling healthy and cared for, look no further than NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive After Shave Splash.

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