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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LOOK BOOK: Oasis Of Calm – Tzar’s 2013 Resort Collection

Simply put, an oasis is a moment where harmony is achieved. Whether it be inner, outer, or even physical and or man-made; an oasis is wonder amidst hopelessness.

Tzar’s 2013 Resort Collection is entitled, ‘Oasis of Calm’. Incredibly, the collection of easy to wear, stylish fashion shirts produced showcase the exotic ideals of an oasis. They sway between tropical island palm trees, stirred cocktails, colour-full birds, rich tactile tapestry and the tide out and in of blues with an excellent amount of fun and fantasy character.

Fabrics are creative and incorporate a range of prints and designs that further extend the designer’s love for them. Fabric selections range from silks and chiffons to khaki’s and poplins. Tzar’s designer has an incredible love and appreciation for art, something perpetuated in this collection with the shirt using the ‘Picasso’ print.

“For me fashion weaves this intense tapestry of raw insanity, narcissism, artistry, truth, and grit that stirs very conflicting emotions in me,” says Tzar’s Founder and Designer, Ian Audifferen. “Inspired by happy thoughts and emotions amidst the desert of a judgemental world; freedom is found in fashion, therefore making fashion an oasis. Essentially, this collection is about non-chalance, bravery, and quirk.”

Whatever the case may be, it’s certain that an oasis is experienced when seeing and wearing this collection and it’s a well executed collection from concept to collection.

Oasis of Calm - Look Book - Resort Collection 2013

Look Book Credits
Photographer – Alistair Englebert Preston
Model – Wale Bello
Stylist – Ian Audifferen


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