Thursday, July 4, 2013

HOW TO: Pack like a Luxe Professional

It's not very often I get to travel. So when I was offered the opportunity to travel to the much talked-about Durban July this weekend of the 6th of July, I thought 'why not'...

Yes, I'm terribly broke and have nothing to wear and my hair looks as though it had the life sucked out of it. But it's all very okay. I'm still alive and kicking and chances are, I'm still fabulous as compared to some other sultry-wannabe humans roaming this earth at the moment...

So my little misery turned into a little joy. With that, I went to a tiny corner of my YouTube world that I love so much - Louis Vuitton's channel. It has such beautiful and amazing goodies. And one of my favourites is their video on how to pack your luggage. And I thought, 'why not'.

Now, I'm a happy chappy and ready to go!


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